October 25, 2016 Volo
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       This is my first Blog for my new web site. There are a lot of things I want to share with you about NAS3 cases and S3 Reload™, and I will over time to keep you interested and coming back.

   This blog I want to talk about NAS3 cartridge cases and reloading with S3 RELOAD™ die.

If I get enough interest, the next blog will be about how I came about to inventing a new case technology. NAS3 case technology is so revolutionary, it is changing the way cases are made. Better for the consumer, lighter, stronger, less expensive and better looking.

Back to reloading. Once my team perfected the best case for 9mm ever, the next step was making a better reloading tool.
After reloading hundreds of shells my engineering background along with a penchant to make things better kicked in.  I observed and studied the resizing process and failure modes of the shells.

The two most vulnerable areas of the 9mm casing was the leading edge and the ejector rim. The leading edge splitting and rim getting dinged, bent and strained resulting in bottom radial splits or blow outs.

The rim which is susceptible to damage from firing during ejection and the forces applied to it during resizing. It became obvious to me that the best way to minimize the strain on the rim was take the forces off it. S3 RELOAD™ tool does that by equalizing the force applied to the inside by pushing down on the bottom at a slightly less force than is being applied to the upward force pushing into the sizing die. Virtually taking the strain off the bottom rim helps in maintaining the tight dimensions on the primer cavity.

On the leading edge that holds the bullet most resizing dies compress the OD of the shell over the length of the shell. The walls being force to drag along the sizing die. This induces stress on the exterior of the wall. Typically requires more force to remove the shell from the die and more strain on the bottom.
An example. If you were to hold a piece of paper tight and pull it over a sharp edge the paper will curl.

Our S3 RELOAD sizing die is different than most. 

The top 1/3rd of the shell is pushed thru an opening that sizes the part to the right dimension then relieves it. When you resize NAS3 cases you will hear faint pop. This happens as shell is pushed and Result -  more reloads out of our die than others. Especially when using NAS3 technology cases, soon to be considered the world’s best.
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